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Minggu, 28 Agustus 2016

My New Website

Hi readers.

I want to update about my situation right now. Since last year until last July, i had been busy with my job as a journalist. But i resigned around 2 months ago.

Since i had a job to do with writing, i decided to make a new blog but i prefer to call it a webzine because i plan to promote it one day. My new webzine is chakraswara.com.

In this site, i write about movie reviews, opinion, art & culture, and many other things aroung those topics.

So, maybe for the time being i will focus on my new webzine. I hope you all also can visit my new webzine, if you want to contribute, i'll be very grateful.

Thank you for your attention for apple's field's blog. Please visit chakraswara.com.

Thank you.